Friday, January 7, 2011


So 2011 only began a week ago, and already temptation to charge has hit us twice. We are photographing a wedding in May, and we really need an extra camera. However, we are going to rent one instead of purchasing one. Sure it cuts into our profits and we are basically photographing a wedding for nearly free after renting the equipment. On the same token, it's much better then being a couple of thousand dollars more in the hole.

Today, my husband texted me about new laptops and how we can both get one for under 1k. I told him no. He has been bugging me since this AM about it, and I keep saying no. I think he finally gets it.

We are the ones who got ourselves in debt in the first place. It's not going to make life any easier racking up more and more...and more. If we stick to our guns this year, I hope to at least be half way through our debt. Then we will just have one more year of struggles, and then boom.... we will have money! I can't wait until that day. I know this will be a long year ahead, but if we stick to our guns and not charge anything for this whole year, and put extra money towards debt (and use the Dave Ramsey method) then it will be rewarding seeing where our sacrifices had led us!

This post may be a insignificant to most, but to us, it's a step in the right direction. It showed me that it IS possible to say NO! I would love a new lap top, but I also know that my desk top is still on my desk once this (my lap top that has a screen hanging on by a screw) laptop breaks, I will have that to go to. It will just have to work, until our debt is paid and we can save and pay for it with cash.

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