Friday, January 14, 2011


Today I stopped by Target to check out their toy clearance. One of my goals this year is to stock up on toys for kids and adults birthdays so I don't have to go out and impulse buy and buy things full price. So here is what I got today.

Now I really wanted this all to be stored in my toys closet, for some little kids birthday parties. However, I got to thinking... and this may be a horrible mommy move, but as I see it, whatever pays the bills down so D and K don't have to remember us being in debt and we can coach them on money saving/ reasonable spending/ cash only purchases when they are older. Last year when my husband switched jobs we had extra money coming in, and we decided to get the kids a 'just because' present... a thomas the train - train table. They loved it, still do. Well since we got this train table today, I thought since Thomas the Train is kind of valuable we could sell it for more than what we paid for this new train table and put it towards debt. Is that mean? Yes probably...which makes me kind of sad, but D&K seem to like their new train table! Here is the mark down tag that was on it!

However, BONUS... Dane priced checked it and it was $20!!! TWENTY DOLLARS!!! Great deal or what, originally $79.99!!! Wowza.
We also got two of those little Play my Way customizable play center! Why 2??? Well I think they would make great gifts for some toddlers, not to mention the price!

Originally $49.99 marked down to $12.48!!! Seriously!?!?!?!? AWESOME!! So if you are my friends or relatives reading this post, you may see this again in the future in your home.

So, our monthly budget for gifts is $40, on those 3 toys plus some little toy Dane got for D and K, we spent $49.99. So I took the $10 cash out of the clothing money this month. I did spend $15 today on stocking up on some more clearance 3T clothing (old navy is having take an extra 40% off of clearance, and childrens place is having a take an additional 50% off of clearance)!

My next post will be about organization!

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