Sunday, March 28, 2010

A blog is born

Over the past couple of weeks I've been clipping coupons. To my astonishment, I've become quiet obsessed with it. Well, not really the clipping coupons part, but the shopping part. You know, the part where your total once was $40 and then it drops to $14 after coupons! Before coupons came into my life a few short weeks ago, I would have paid that $40 and I would go home, unload the one bag of items, and become depressed. I would think to myself - why on earth did I just spend $40 on a few items?! I would then be too lazy to take anything back. After coupons came into my life, that $40 comes to $14 total, and it's not such a big shock!

It has become ADDICTING. I've always loved to shop yes, but never really had the money to do so. Now that I have my binder full of coupons, I get to shop, a lot. I spend less then I ever have before, and I am loving every second of it.

This is the blog that I have started to keep my addiction under control, to share tips and tricks to whoever is reading this, to post my deals that I find, and to share with you all my main goal in this addiction. That would be to save money for the debt we owe. We would love to get out of debt using a modified version of the Dave Ramsey plan.

In a couple of years I plan to be debt free, so please come join me in our story of spending less to achieve this goal.

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