Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Clear out the Clutter Challenge

There are two blogs that I read daily. Hip2save.com, and moneysavingmom.com they are my go to girls to learn how to live frugal and to learn this coupon thing :). I've followed moneysavingmom.com for a while now and she inspires me. Well she's hosting this Clear out the clutter challenge, and I am going to follow it.

Our house is off the market next month, so in about two months or before I'll be having a garage sale. The time frame depends if our house sells or not this month. We already have a lot of things in the garage that need to be sold, I would love to add to it during this challenge from our house clutter. We will be using the profits from the garage sale towards our debt :)

So tomorrow I'll be starting with the first step. Which is to clean out your hall or living room closets. Well I have 2 hall closets so those are the first on my list. I'll blog about that tomorrow with pictures to share!

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