Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sometimes I just want to give up!

I had a horrid experience with Target yesterday. Yesterday morning I decided to check hip2save.com and make a target list and take the kids shopping. I came up with a really good list of items, and almost everything I was getting was close to Free.

So I went to Target, loaded my twins up in the cart, put a hand basket at the bottom of the basket and went on my way. I checked out the purses, I could have got one for $2, but I didn't like any of them and I wanted to get two to put in my garage sale if they were close to free, which they weren't. So I skipped them.

Alright well I could tell you about my detailed shopping experience leading up to the transaction, but I'll save you the boredom. Here is a picture of what I bought.

*Kandoo wipes $1.65 (used a $1/1 coupon) = $.65
*Fantastik scrubbing bubbles cleaner $2.04 (used a $.75 coupon) = $1.29
*2 Scrubbing bubbles soap scum cleaners $2.49 ea (used 2 - $.75 coupons) = $3.48 for both
*Scrubbing bubble 2 in 1 starter kit for the toilet $6.29 (used a buy any scrubbing gel coupon get the 2 in 1 starter kit FREE or up to a $6.10 value) = $.19
*Scrubbing bubble toilet gel $3.94 (used a $1/1 coupon) = $2.94
*Buy 3 scrubbing bubbles products excluding toilet gel and automatic shower cleaner Get a FREE $5 Target Gift card (this is where the problem comes in and I'll talk about that in a minute) = FREE ... or not!
*13 Watt light bulb $2.69 (used a $1/1 manu coupon + $2/1 Target coupon)= + $.31
*Lysol Kit $9.99 (used a $4/1 manu coupon + $1/1 Target coupon) = $4.99
*Fusion razor $4.99 (used a $4/1 coupon) = $.99
*2 itch releif Benadryl sticks (used a $5/2 coupon)= my cashier adjusted this down so + $.02

My total should have been $14.20 plus taxes = $14.99.... but WAIT!!

After I got home, I realized hmmm for getting so much stuff almost free my total was a little high. So I calculated it ... by hand, and found out they CHARGED me for my FREE $5GC!!! So about 5 hours later, I went back with my husband and children and spent 30 minutes arguing with 2 customer service girls, and 1 "Assets protection manager". The first customer service lady said "we didn't charge you" I said "Well can you explain to me why when I total everything but the $5 GC that was supposed to be FREE I get $14.99 instead of $19.99 (what I was charged)?" She didn't even answer me, she slammed the door and went to the floor and got another customer service lady. So she said "we didn't charge you for it" and again I asked "can you explain how I get a totally different total?" She said "Well let me calculate it for you"... ok... wait five minutes, she gets the same thing. Well I thought it would be done, I thought they would realize their accidental mistake and they would give me my $5 back, and everyone would be happy. But no, she had to ask another lady The assets protection manager. She seemed really nice at first, and I thought finally someone who will understand my receipt and give me some answers. She said "let me go print out your detailed receipt from my computer"... ok so two or so minutes later, she came out. "We didn't charge you for your $5GC, this $5 coupon didn't go through, so we owe you a coupon and nothing more, it's just a $5 coupon!". I said "Um, that still does NOT explain why I'm getting a totally different total when you ring up everything BUT the gift card!!! If the coupon didn't scan, that means that it didn't scan, so that wouldn't effect my total on which I paid for!" To make a VERY LONG STORY SHORT... she refused to give me my $5. My husband was even fuming and he's not one to get mad about anything! They said on several different occasions that we scanned a lot of coupons that didn't want to go through. So basically she was calling me a liar, and a thief. I was so upset, still am. I know I shouldn't let it bother me, but I have nothing but troubles when I shop at target with coupons. So we tried to call corporate when we got home, to no avail since they close at 6pm. So my husband called today, and they ALSO said that they didn't charge us for the $5 GC. Do you readers out there see my receipt? Do you see where they took my $5 GC off, because I sure don't! I won't be offended if you point it out to me. However, for my "hassle" they are sending me a $5 GC. Still, both my husband and I are a little upset, because they are treating us like we did something wrong, when we did not. I don't understand why they can't calculate that 'detailed receipt' I'm sure it would come up with the same total! If the 'detailed receipt' is such a big difference (it supposedly showed the $5GC being taken off, it did not on my receipt) why don't we all get 'detailed receipts'? So, sometimes I want to give up! However, I'm not letting them keep me from scoring some great deals. See after all that hassle I got all of that for $4.99! How? Well my total was $19.99, subtract the FREE $5 GC, subtract the $5 they over charged me (which resulted in another $5 GC), and a $5 rebate I'm going to send off for.

In other news, the same day I went to Walgreens with the $2.50 RR I had from Sundays trip and got:

*2 boxes of rice krispies on sale for $1.99 ea. (Used a $1.50/2 coupon) = $2.48
I had to have a filler item so I bought
*1 pkg of m&m's on sale for $.69
Gave them my $2.50 in RR's and my total OOP was: $.67

I also went to Toys R Us where they were having two of their leap frog fridge magnets 50% off. I had 3- $5 off coupons.

*Fridge Farm Magnets on sale for $9.99 (used a $5/1 coupon)= $5.40 with taxes
*Fridge recorder on sale for $9.99 (used a $5/1 coupon)= $5.40 with taxes
*Fridge phonics letters not on sale $20.99 (used a $5/1 coupon) = $17.31
Total OOP: $28.11
The fridge farm I'm giving my niece for her first b-day as one of her presents. The other two are going to my son and daughter for their second birthday! Great buys in my opinion!

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