Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lots of cereal

I love Sundays :) it's my shopping day!

I went to Target, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, and Toys R us today. However I'll only be sharing my CVS deal today :). I made like 5 mistakes at Walgreens today, it pays to read the fine print. I spent about $6 more than I should have at Walgreens. Target I got diapers, but I left my $5 gift card at home, so it wasn't how I planned it either. Walmart I didn't use any coupons, just got a few chairs for my childrens 2nd b-day party this up coming Saturday. Toys R us I did use coupons :) but I got their play house for their b-day present.

On to the CVS trip. Last night as I finished making my list of deals I wanted to get, my husband said he really wanted the Avatar movie. I saw it in the CVS ad, and though I spent like an hour making a list of all the things I wanted to get, once he fell asleep I reworked the deals and went through tons and tons of unorganized coupons - just so he can get the movie! I made it work :) This is what we got:

****Please ignore the wheat thins, I thought I bought them at CVS but I got them at Walgreens :) Oh and the milk is not in the picture, AHH! So please imagine it's there!

*Milk on sale $2.99 (used a $1/1 coupon) = $1.99
*Quatro razor $8.99 (used a $4/1 coupon) = $4.99 Got $4 ECB's back
*Irish spring body wash $2.99 (used a $.50 coupon) = $2.49 Got $2 ECB's back
*2 Oats and Honey Granola bars $2.44ea (used 2 - $.40/1 coupon) = $4.08 for both
*2 Chocolate Cheerios $2.44 ea (used 2- $.50/1 coupons) = $3.88 for both
*2 Lucky Charms $2.44 ea (used a $1/3 coupon so $.33ea) = $4.22 for both
*2 honey nut cheerios $2.44 ea (used a $1/3 coupon so $.33ea) = $4.22 for both
*Cinnamon Toast crunch $2.44 ea ($.33 off part of the above coupon) = $2.11
*Reeses puffs $2.44ea ($.33 off part of the above coupon) = $2.11
*2 Fig Newtons $1 ea (used 2-$1/1 coupons) = FREE
*1 Avatar DVD $19.99 (buy $25 in participating products get $15 off) = $4.99

Before coupons total would have been $44.38 plus taxes
After the above coupons + a $5 off $40 purchase + $8.79 in previous ECB's
Total OOP: $21.96 (taxes included)
I got $6 ECB's to spend on my next purchase

My husband got his movie, and we have tons of cereal to live off of for the next couple of months!

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  1. Great job! I wish I could make deals like these. I don't shop at walgreens or cvs because I don't understand how it works.