Friday, April 9, 2010

Gymnastics night

It was last night, and our class starts at 6, and ends at 6:45pm. The class is about 45 minutes away, but so worth it! Our children love their gymnastics class, and sure it's an added expense and that extra $123 can go towards debt per month, but really, there is no price on the excitement on their faces when we drive up to the gym!

The one thing that is not ok is going out to eat after wards. Which we would have to do unless we want two screaming children for an hour while I cook. We get home at 7:30 and usually they are in bed by 8. So I declared Thursday nights as Crock pot night. Last night I made pinto beans, rice and cornbread. While the kids ate their lunch I made the rice and cornbread, that way it would be ready when we got home and I could just heat it up and serve. The pinto beans are delicious, and there is enough for my husband to take for leftovers on Fridays, and enough for my children and I to have leftovers for lunch. Still enough to make about one can of refried beans. Just mash it up with a potato masher like I did and freeze it until you need it! All of those meals for about $5 surely beats a $35 meal going to to eat every Thursday!


  1. HA! We had beans, rice, cornbread, and fried cabbage Wednesday night. Many people consider it a poor mans meal but I have to say it's one of my favs! Crockpot Thursdays sounds like a great idea for your family. I'll be sure to send you any recipes I come across!

  2. It's one of my FAVS too, not only is it yummy, but it's cheap! Plus my twins love it as well so that's a plus! Thanks, I would love to have some recipes!